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Buy and Sell books with others students on your campus for free

Save Money on Campus SHELF

         buy books from other students for a fraction of what the bookstore charge

         meet on campus or a local coffee shop to save shipping costs

         work on your bargaining skills and save even more

Make Money on Campus SHELF

         sell your books for much more than the pennies local bookstores offer you

         once listed for sale, your book immediately becomes available to students across
         your campus and in your area

         throw in outlines or class notes to bargain and make the deal

Features of Campus SHELF

         search for books quickly and easily from the comfort your couch.

         no one has put a book you want for sale yet ... put it on your Watch List, and you'll be
         notified when it becomes available, as soon as you sign in

         online discussions between buyer and seller are private and secure ... perfect for
         negotiating prices, swapping contact info, and scheduling a meeting time & place

         both buyer and seller will be notified via email and through the website when the other
         person adds a new message to their discussion